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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Law enforcement agencies in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, including Coastal Trucking LLC Georgia, will keep an extra close eye out for risky commercial and passenger vehicle drivers July 9-15 during the annual Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Operation Safe Driver Week. Identified unsafe drivers will be pulled over and issued a citation or warning.

Operation Safe Driver Week is an annual driver safety traffic enforcement and awareness campaign aimed at identifying unsafe drivers, deterring dangerous driving behaviors, and promoting positive driving habits through officer interactions with drivers. Data shows that traffic stops and interactions with law enforcement help reduce problematic driving behaviors.

While the focus of this year’s Operation Safe Driver Week is again on speeding, officers will also be watching for drivers engaging in other dangerous driving behaviors, such as distracted driving; following too closely; improper lane changes, passing or turns; impaired driving; and failing to wear a seat belt. CVSA has continued to focus on speeding because it remains a persistent problem on our nation’s roadways.

Speeding increases the frequency and severity of crashes, and unsafe speeds are a well-documented factor in fatalities and injuries. With so many drivers not seeming to grasp the tragic consequences of speeding, it’s up to the professionals at Coastal Trucking Company® to set the example on the road. Here are some tips to avoid speeding:

  • Make sure you are well-rested before driving. When you are tired, you’re more likely to have poor speed control and impaired judgment.

  • Plan your route with spare travel time. If you’re running late, don’t try to “make up time.” Rather, stay within the speed limit, and reach your destination with as little risk as possible.

  • Avoid letting emotions dictate the way you drive. Stress and anger often cause drivers to speed, so make sure you’re in the mood to drive before getting behind the wheel.

  • Stay aware of the posted speed limit, and watch for signs alerting you of reduced speed limits ahead. Adjust your driving as weather, light, and roadway conditions change.

  • Pay attention to your speed. Occasional, quick glances at your speedometer will help keep you in check. If you suspect that your speedometer is not accurate, have it inspected by a mechanic?

  • Remember that your on-the-road performance and compliance impact your employer’s safety records, as well as your own. Violations related to the Unsafe Driving BASIC, including speeding, adversely affect Safety Measurement System results for 24 months and may prioritize your company for a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration intervention.

Please note: While cruise control allows drivers to maintain a set speed, some studies have shown that its use decreases situational awareness and response times and increases the likelihood of becoming fatigued at the wheel.

With drivers’ actions contributing to a staggering 94% of all traffic crashes, it’s essential to be aware of your driving habits and correct any dangerous behaviors that may creep in, not only during Operation Safe Driver Week but all year long. You spend a good part of your life on the road…make sure you’re doing so safely.

Article provided by Lancer Insurance co.


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